Don't Just Hope Your Kids Stay Catholic...
Take Steps to Nurture Your Children's Faith.
This Practical Guidebook Will Show You How.

"A stunning call to arms for Catholic families. Any parent or grandparent who wishes to see their children grow up to be practicing Catholics will find inspiration in this book."
Jared Dees

Discover the 3-Phase Plan to Keep Your Kids Catholic

  • Secure Your Own Faith

    The example of your own faith life is essential. Keep Your Kids Catholic exposes the greatest obstacles to growth in faith and provides concrete solutions for removing them.

  • Educate to Foster Faith

    While all Church teaching is important, some aspects are more crucial for developing faith. Learn to teach the key elements that will make the biggest impact.

  • Create a Home of Faith

    This is something only parents can do. Parish and school programs are a minuscule part of children’s lives. Positively influence the other 99% to determine their course!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

Lisa M. Hendey Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of and author of The Grace of Yes

“In Keep Your Kids Catholic, Marc Cardaronella offers a wellspring of practical guidance from a very personal perspective, sharing his own spiritual journey and walking with your family as mentor and coach. A fantastic guidebook for any domestic church!”

Pat Gohn Pat Gohn, Catholic writer, speaker, and author of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious

“Positive and strong Catholic parenting that dares to actively and intentionally raise kids in the faith is one tough mission and Marc Cardaronella offers parents a plan of committed action for getting our lives and our homes in order."

Jared Dees Jared Dees, Author of To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach and creator of

"A stunning call to arms for Catholic families. Any parent or grandparent who wishes to see their children grow up to be practicing Catholics will find inspiration in this book. Pastors, principals, directors of religious education, teachers, and catechists will rejoice in providing this new resource to the families they serve because it is just the book they have been waiting for."

Lisa Mladinich Lisa Mladinich, Catholic author and creator of Amazing Catechists

"Keep Your Kids Catholic is a vigorous, inviting work by one of the best catechists around. Marc Cardaronella is on target, as usual, bringing vitality, precision, and inspiration to a superbly-written book that is equal parts field guide, spiritual retreat, and personal witness. Parents and grandparents, do not miss this exceptional resource! It's a wonderful gift for parents at any stage of their lives."

More Great Stuff Inside this Book...

  • Why teens and young adults are leaving the Catholic Church in alarming numbers.

  • How faith works (it may surprise you) and the simple process you can use to activate it.

  • Where religious education systems are lacking and what parents can do to fill in the gaps. 

  • The 4 reasons parents are essential for the development of strong faith in kids.

  • Why parents are uniquely suited to this task and lack of faith knowledge shouldn’t scare them. 

  • The 4 key elements of a religious formation that fosters faith and conversion.

  • How to use the rhythms of the Church’s seasons to infuse Catholic faith into your everyday life.   

  • How physical environment influences behavior and enhances your children’s growth in faith. 

From the foreword by Scott Hahn

“I’ve often said that if Catholic couples simply allow their lives to be molded by the grace of the Sacrament of Matrimony, we’d change the world in forty years. Evangelization would happen, from the home outward. This book will teach you how to make that happen. And you will find the task irresistibly enjoyable.”

From the foreword by Scott Hahn Author of Rome Sweet Home and The Lamb's Supper

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